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Hello !

I am the developper of Uncraft World, a platform game that distinguishes itself by it's use of sexy anime images in the background of levels.

In our latest patch, we have opened up the possibility for players to use and share their own images as background for levels.

To help fill up the user image database, we are looking for artists willing to contribute their own images for all of our players to enjoy. Of course anime artists are welcome, but we'd also like to add some variety in the user images. For example, cute animals, funny images, abstract paintings and many other types of images could be welcome.

As a reward, you will get a free Steam key for the game :-)

Contact me if you are interested !…   
Hello Deviant artists !

We are looking to secure a partnership with one or more artist to feature HIGH QUALITY, sexy anime girl images that our users will be able to build user levels around and share with the world.

For examples of our game's art direction, please have a look at this video or any images I posted on this account in the past.…

Since a few weeks already, we have started a closed beta of our new level creation tool that will be linked to Steam Workshop. Essentially, this means anyone will be able to create levels and share them with anyone else.

We'd really like our current beta testers to have access to a pool of pre approved background images of sexy girls so that they can start building levels right now. This will insure that the game will have a large selection of interesting user made levels by the time we fully release next summer.

We are looking for images that are free of copyright issues.

-We are willing to pay for one or more outstanding artist who grants us permission to use a decently sized collection of images (5+)

-Levels created with your images will credit yourself and your webpage(optional) ingame.

-We can grant some beta key(s) to artists who submit their work.

-We are NOT looking for custom made drawings for this project. We are fine with repurposing past creations

Please send me a private message with your propositions.

Thank you !


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Team Shuriken is an indie dev collective releasing games on xbox 360 and iphone (coming soon !)

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superhero2 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
out of curiosity, do you guys take story suggestions?
TeamShuriken Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
we haven't done it so far, but we appreciate feedback on our released projects.
superhero2 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
keep up the great work guys!
TeamShuriken Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
Thanks !
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